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Family archives

Even those of us who work hard every day trying to preserve the papers and photographs of other people, don’t always do such a good jobs with the artifacts of our own lives. The stories we heard on our grandmother’s knee, the photos taken of special events, the love letters written long before we were ever […]

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Weekly Recap

Go see the June Schwarcz exhibition of her beautiful enamel works at CAFAM Art as an unregulated market (C‑Monster) An old toy interacts with new technology (BB-Blog) Not a motorcycle but still pretty sweet (A Cup of Jo) Want to be the Met’s Assistant VR manager? And… a little music for your weekend

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Welcome to my new website and blog!

Hi everyone, Thanks for stopping by. For now, this post is just a place holder, but soon I hope there will be interesting stuff filling up the site. Check back in a bit! Thanks, Heather

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