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Writing and Research

No matter what you’re profession, writing is likely a central component. Good writing will make you a more effective employee, grant writer, or scholar. Here are a few links that might help you with the research process: Resources for Writing OWL: Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab This is an excellent source to get help at any stage in […]

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Finding Images

Finding images is easy. Finding the right image can seem impossible. The first step in finding the right image is using the right database. The tricky thing about image databases is that so many of them require a subscription. Go to your library or use a vpn if possible to make sure you’re getting access to all […]

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Understanding copyright is a difficult task. The laws can seem straight forward at first but can become quite murky on a case by case basis. Remember any time you’re reading about copyright to take into consideration where the information is coming from- the American Library Association and the Recording Industry Association of America might interpret the law […]

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Weekly Recap

It’s been a blustery few days here in Southern California. Don’t lose your kite this weekend! (photo credit Peter Roome) Power corrupts, power point corrupts absolutely. Don’t let it get you down. (h/t Jean-Françoise Blanchette) A lovely poem by Nik de Dominic (Guernica) The beautiful and strange portraits of Tasha Kasuma. The Supreme Court is leery of […]

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New Job!

Today was my first day serving as the Visual Resources Specialist for Cal State San Bernardino. Though I’m terribly sad to leave the wonderful people at UCLA Special Collections, I’m quite excited about the challenges of the new position and getting to be around art students again. (Photo Philbrook Museum h/t One Plus Infinity)

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